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April Palmer serves as Vice President and Sales Executive for the California-based Fidelity National Title NCS operation. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a client-centric approach, April strives to add value to every transaction she facilitates. A proactive self-starter, she consistently exceeds client expectations by positioning herself ahead of the curve.

I'm here to provide essential resources and information for my clients. Often times, it's before they even know that they need it. I am in sales but what I do isn't about promoting a product. It's about filling a need, and I love the opportunity to identify and resolve that need.

April, who owned and operated a business prior to transitioning into title, excels in cultivating relationships based on the unique characteristics and requirements of each client.

Her positive approach and can-do attitude, paired with her extensive industry knowledge of spanning beyond 23 years, make April a well-regarded professional partner within the commercial real estate and new construction communities that she serves. A genuine people person, April works well with a wide range of individuals from administrative assistants and loan specialists to CEOs. April and her team promote open and effective communication designed to support successful transactions.